eLC Services Sdn Bhd

Attachment in Singapore

Written by Yau Kim Lee

Two months ago, I came to Singapore with the eagerness to work in the Singapore main office, and to enhance my skills in design and animation under a senior colleague here in Singapore. Having limited experience in design and animation, I was initially worried about having to cope with the new upcoming project, codenamed BT Project, and the various situations I was certain I would be facing.

During this period of attachment in Singapore, I learnt a lot on the BT Project, and the enhancement in project management that was done here for a clearer communication in the future. I was also given the opportunity to perform photo-snapping, and to learn the necessary information on how a tank functions.

During the period of attachment there, I also experienced a number of sad and happy occasions. One of the most memorable moments I had was the celebration we had for Christmas, during when we exchanged 'secret gifts' among our colleagues.

I was overwhelmed with mixed emotions when I was informed of the need to extend our attachment in Singapore in order to further refine my skills in design and animation, and learn more on the different tasks that need to be done. At times, I was feeling overwhelmed, and began to feel homesick. However, with the presence of friendly and helpful colleagues around me, this was all I need to keep my spirit up, get motivated, and eventually get the job done.

I am very grateful to be given this opportunity to contribute, even in a small way, to the BT Project, and eLC Pte Ltd. in general. I know I will be forever inspired by the amazing and useful experience in Singapore.