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Lectora Carnival and Chinese New Year Dinner 2009

Written by Philip Lim

It was indeed auspicious for the celebration, in conjunction of the arrival of the Year of the Ox according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, to be greeted by the success of the Lectora Carnival earlier on the same day. Indeed, it was a sign of Double Prosperity. A sign that predicts the continuous prosperity and success for eLC, in spite of the current economy hardship.

Date : 23 January 2009, Friday
Time : 11.00am
Venue : Marriott Hotel, Singapore

The Lectora Carnival is a grand annual event to honour the creativity of participants of the annual Lectora Competition, as well as to showcase new features of Lectora and some of the games that can be created via Lectora. Lectora is undeniably one of the most powerful authoring tools in the eLearning market, and it can be used to create non-eLearning contents as well.

This year, Lectora Carnival was held in a grand scale at the Marriott Hotel in Singapore, on the 23rd of January. As a member of eLC, the staff of eLC Services was invited to be a part of the crew in this huge event. It was such a great honour, we accepted the invitation without hesitation.

The event was launched by Andrew Nash, a senior officer from Trivantis Corporation, at 11.00am. As we were helping out in our various spots during the event, we can't help but smile as participants of the event continuously give positive vibes and feedback about Lectora. There were definitely high hopes on Lectora Online and future versions of Lectora.

Date : 23 January 2009, Friday
Time : 7.00pm
Venue : Raffles Town Club, Singapore

Right after a successful Lectora Carnival event, the crew of eLC were treated to a feast to welcome the arrival of the Year of the Ox, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Andrew Nash from Trivantis Corporation also joined us during the Chinese New Year Dinner at around 7.00pm in the evening, where we had a feast in accordance with the Chinese tradition. All the staff members of eLC and eLC Services were also present, including the simulation team from KMW, Germany. As we fill up our stomach and quench our thirst after a long day at the event, we took turns to toast, and wish Chinese staff members a happy and prosperous New Year of the Ox.