eLC Services Sdn Bhd

Team Building at SAFRA Yishun

Written by Philip Lim

Tracksuits? Checked. Sneakers? Checked. Let's roll out! Yishun, be prepared!

Date : 24 April 2009
Time : 1.00pm
Venue : SAFRA Yishun, Singapore

eLC have always been to embodiment of success. As the company continues to grow, we still maintain the ethics that elaborates our success. Teamwork, without any doubt, is one of the pillars that supports the success that eLC have enjoyed. With this is mind, eLC Pte Ltd conducted an outfield event at SAFRA Yishun to strengthen our teamwork.

With a successful future in mind, we, from eLC Services Sdn Bhd, joined our brothers and sisters from the company headquarters, in our quest to conquer all that awaits us in Yishun. We started off our team building with an icebreaker, which involves a series of small activities to test our teamwork. It brought us to our knees laughing as we watched the winners do the chicken dance.

The day resumed outdoors as we braved the hot weather to participate in a series of events that require not only teamwork, but also creativity and commitment. In groups, we combined within our group members to perform tasks and overcome obstacles given by the instructors in SAFRA Yishun. This exciting series of tasks carried on until around 6.00pm, when we headed for a light meal.

The event ended as a success. Although there was a moment of concern, everything ended on a high note, as eLCians troop back to the office the next working day with renewed confidence, commitment, and most importantly, teamspirit.