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eLC Retreat 2009 @ Zhu Hai, China

Written by Philip Lim

Date : 28 August 2009 - 30 August 2009
Venue : Zhu Hai, China

eLC, a leading technology-enabled learning solutions provider in Singapore, celebrated the 6th birthday this year in style. All eLCians, new and old, was greeted with an extravagant trip of 3 days and 2 nights to Zhu Hai. It is the first time that the company retreat was held out of South East Asia, a perfect surprise to mark the beginning of a new era in eLC.

As a part of eLC, eLCians in Malaysia met up with our colleagues in Singapore for this grand trip. Together, we departed from Changi Airport at 11.00am on the 28th August 2009. After landing in Macau, we continued by land to the destination, reaching Zhu Hai at around 5.00pm.

With the first night as our leisure night, the second day began with the eLC Annual Meeting, which was utilized to discuss various things, including our future direction and our expectation. For the AGM this year, we were also asked to prepare a list of wishes, obstacles, things to stop doing, and so on, which was presented towards the end of the AGM. This was a brilliant idea from our CEO, William Chua, to make sure everyone was heard. It was also in his plans to help us fulfill our wishes and remove our obstacles as much as he can.

Looking back at our previous retreat, the number of the eLC family has grown tremendously within a short span of one year. As the company grew past the 50th member, we also welcomed our Advisory Board Members, Mr Stephen Yeo (who is able to join us for the re-treat) and Mr. Lim Liat and it's our honour to have them with us in the family. We are not only excited about welcoming all the new comers, but we are also showing our greatest appreciation to those who have devoted themselves to our company in this retreat. Six of our members received a Tag Heuer watch after 5 years of their dedicated work (Davi, Chai, Shandy, Jinnie, Susan and Andy). After our AGM, we went to the Ocean Spring Resort, where we have our waterworld outing. The event continued the next day with a shopping spree and a luxurious lunch at Macau, before we travel back to Singapore.