eLC Services Sdn Bhd

eLC Dance & Dinner, New Year's Eve Countdown Party

Written by Philip Lim

This year marks the second year for all eLC Services members to celebrate their Year End Dance & Dinner in Singapore with the others in the eLC family. This Dance & Dinner event is a annual event which is compulsory for all eLC members to attend. Special invitation is also forwarded to immediate family members of the eLC staff attending, so they could join us in celebration mode to welcome the new year. This event was also held to commemorate the effort and contribution of each eLC member that contributed throughout the year.

This year also marks the birth of POWERdrive Pte Ltd, a new arm in the eLC family. Now, eLC is proud to have 2 branch companies in a short duration of time. This shows that the business is growing at a rapid speed with huge success, supported by the hardworking eLCians who did their job with full dedication and focus, to meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

The Dance & Dinner for this year is relatively unique, whereby only eLCians and our respective clients, were involved in our very own countdown dinner, compared to the previous years where we joined other organizations in their countdown event. The Dance & Dinner this year is more moderate and simple, but it was also enjoyable and meaningful. This is because, for this year, all eLCians could come together and celebrate in one big family.

In the Dance & Dinner this year, our CEO, Mr. William Chua, was selected to be the MC by the management team. The event was a huge success, with plenty of attractive activities for all eLCians to join in.

To further escalate the event, all eLCians were also given 1 card for the prize lottery, with 15 prized to be won by the lucky eLCians. The young generation was also not forgotten, as they were invited on stage to present their skills with the Hula-Hoop.

Many thanks and congratulations to our CEO, Mr. William, for his efforts in overseeing the Dance & Dinner organization, and for being the MC of the successful event.