eLC Services Sdn Bhd

Lectora Carnival 2010

Written by Philip Lim

It is the fifth year anniversary for the Lectora Carnival this year! Time has surely passed us by since the first Lectora Carnival was held to honour the creative solutions in eLearning, developed using Lectora, the best tool in the market for eLearning content development.

Date : 22 January 2010, Friday
Time : 2.30PM
Venue : Intercontinental Hotel, Singapore

The Lectora Carnival is a grand annual event to honour the creativity of participants of the annual Lectora Competition, as well as to showcase new features of Lectora and some of the games that can be created via Lectora. Lectora is undeniably one of the most powerful authoring tools in the eLearning market, and it can be used to create non-eLearning contents as well.

This year, to commemorate our fifth anniversary of this annual event, the celebration was held at an even grander scale than previous years, in the Intercontinental Hotel in Bugis Junction. Also, for the first time, two workshops was held in the morning of the event for participants to learn more about Lectora Online and Lectora X, the latest authoring tools from Trivantis Corporation. Lectora Online is a web-based authoring tool, where registered users can log in and create or edit their contents “live”. Meanwhile, Lectora X is the latest Lectora product from Trivantis, with a more sophisticated outlook, more features, and more user-friendly interface that allows customization based on user’s preference.

Lectora Carnival followed after the workshops ended. It officially started at 2.30pm, in the ballroom of the Intercontinental Hotel. For this edition of the prestigious event, we were honoured to have Mr. Andrew Nash and Mr. John Blackmon from Trivantis Corporation to join us for the event. Mr. Andrew is the Vice-President for International Sales, while Mr. John is the Senior Vice President for Authoring Systems in Trivantis Corporation.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. William Chua, kicked off the chronology of events with an informative speech, and this was followed by speeches from various other parties. We also have a cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate our fifth anniversary, a speech from Mr. John Blackmon on the latest version of Lectora, codenamed Lectora X, and an informative slideshow description from Janice Cheng, our Chief Operation Officer, on the creation of a good eLearning content. The main celebration of the night, however, belongs to the participants of the annual Lectora Competition, as they were honoured with a award presentation ceremony at the end of the event. Winning participants, ranging from schoolchildren to adults, from non-technical to technical professional, and from young to old, were presented with awards to honour them for their good work, and the top 2 participants were even awarded a free ticket each to join us in the Lectora User Conference in Cincinnati, USA. This year's award winning team even consisted of a participation each from Malaysia, and Japan.

As our event ended, we were toasted with a dinner at a restaurant nearby. It was indeed a promising start for eLC Pte. Ltd. for the year 2010 ahead, and we will look forward to the event next year.