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Maxis Training

Written by Jason Queck

On the eve of a controversial weekend for Malaysia where there is a high possibility of a protest rally happening in the streets of KL city; it was great that the scheduled training for Maxis went ahead without any hiccups. Despite the bad traffic congestion due to many roadblocks, it was commendable that most of the Maxis participants made it on time for the ARTICULATE (a Rapid eLearning content authoring tool) software training for Maxis Academy held in Selangor.

Huey Chin, one of our experienced trainers in Articulate led and conducted a training session to a group of Senior Trainers of Maxis. They are staff from various backgrounds and expertise in line with Maxis´ products and services to consumers. I was there to assist him to ensure the smooth running of the one day training. Majority of the participants are fast learners in using the Articulate software. Once again, this shows and continues to prove that our tool is very easy-to-use and easy-to-learn.

The training was segregated into two sessions. The morning session was a practical hands-on training workshop while the afternoon session focuses on facilitation. During the tea breaks, we were invited by Maxis Training Dept. Head to join them for lunch. We took this opportunity to get to know some of the participants and they shared with us some of their products and services line, for our information and knowledge. We received good feedbacks regarding the training conducted. Most of them enjoyed the training and also mentioned that our training materials were well prepared, detailed and easy for their reference.

We would like to thank Maxis for their hospitality, active participation in the training sessions and commitment shown under the circumstances. A moment of sweetness experienced by our lead trainer was that he was asked for his Facebook and MSN accounts. Most importantly, the active participation made the training both fun and interesting, and also creates a great learning atmosphere for all.

Well done Maxis!!!!