eLC Services Sdn Bhd

eLC Retreat 2011 @ Malacca

Written by Saw Kim Chun

This 2nd September 2011 marks eLC's 8th Company Retreat! A total of 53 staff and their families gathered at Holiday Inn, in the beautiful historical city of Malacca, Malaysia.

Upon arrival, we walked the historical streets with much jokes and laughter ringing aloud, taking lots of photos, and looking for all the "yummy-licious" authentic Malaccan food/snacks/desserts to satisfy our appetites before checking in at our hotel. As Holiday Inn is situated quite near to the famous Jonker Street, many went right back to start searching for bargains immediately after settling in at the hotel.

After a good night's rest and much feasting, we gathered for our annual AGM on Saturday afternoon. Our CEO, Mr. William Chua, opened the meeting with an analogy of our journey to Malacca. "Just as the staff of eLC Services travelled down south and the staff of eLC and POWERdrive travelled up north towards Malacca, meeting half way for this company retreat, likewise in our working relationships, there will be many times and situations where we will find ourselves having to meet halfway as we continue our journey in bringing eLC & POWERdrive to greater heights in this coming year." And, it was off to a good start. Reports from various departments lined the agenda. Matters and issues were highlighted and either applauded or resolved for a smoother running of the company.

The day was concluded with a "fantabulous" BBQ Buffet spread, set at the Hotel's poolside. The weather in the evening was nice and cool with a fresh breeze from the seafront. Relaxing music, great dining ambience and camaraderie of the colleagues all contributed to a great night! On top of that, our generous CEO booked the top floor of a club for us to hang out after dinner for an all night partying!

On the last day, we headed out for a half day tour which includes places such as A Famosa historical complex, St. Paul's church, Porta de Santiago, and Sam Poh Teng Temple to name a few. The trip ends with an authentic local Baba Nyonya lunch before we depart for home and thus bring the retreat to a satisfactory close.

"My family was able to join me for this retreat and they had a great time and got to know more about the colleagues I am working with. We are looking forward to the destination the company will propose next." Enthused Jason Queck, eLC Services' Business Development Executive