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eLC Dance & Dinner, New Year's Eve Countdown Party

'Cloud 9' was the theme for the 2012/13 eLC Annual Countdown Party and this year, it was held at St Regis Singapore’s John Jacob Ballroom, our glitziest venue till date.

The organising committee members comprises mainly the 'newbies', and through this event, it has given them a greater insight and integration into eLC culture. This year's event also sees a significant increase in eLC family with the inclusion of members from TARMS.

Besides members of eLC and their family members, the event was also graced by working companions, partners and ex-staff of eLC. It was truly a wonderful occasion.

The evening kick off with an opening address by our CEO, Mr William Chua, and the presentation of long service awards to three eLC members; followed by the mixing of eLC concoction by the respective Business Unit Heads (BUHs), lead by CTO, COO & CEO.

Dinner was well presented and served with each dish plated individually.

Another fun part of the program was the Best Dressed Competition, which was held for each of the gentlemen, ladies and children groups. Various games were played and participated by both the guests and family members. Besides the table games, the children was also provided with their own entertainment such as a magic show and a bouncing castle.

Lucky draws were held throughout the event. Unlike previous years, gift vouchers, cash prizes (ranging up to $299) and annual leave enhancements (1 – 9 days) were up for grabs. To further excite the crowd, the winners get to draw their own prizes out of the box instead of a fixed format where they knew in advance what are the prizes. Throughout the evening, we could see the great anticipation before the lucky numbers was call out; it was all smiles as no matter big or small, the members were happy with the extra annual leave or cash prizes they have won.

As midnight and 2013 approached, champagnes, party streamers & poppers were distributed. With great spirits, everyone in the ballroom counted down the last 10 seconds and welcomed the new year, offering best wishes to one another, and singing auld lang syne. It was indeed a heart warming feeling to usher in the first day of 2013 amongst FAMILY.

We have seen our performing talents fighting it out to be the best rock band of eLC...

After much hilarity, the program closed off with a grand lucky draw for a cash prize of $999 and also annual leave enhancements for the winner's table. The grand winner had the honour to draw the additional annual leave that his table members will received, as up to 9 Days worth per person was up for grabs!

It was a special evening for all of us, not because it was a new year eve, countdown party or held in a 6 star hotel. It was special because it was celebrated together with OUR FAMILY.