eLC Services Sdn Bhd

Digital Education Show Asia 2013

On 27th & 28th May 2013, eLC Services Sdn Bhd participated as an exhibitor in the inaugural Digital Education Show Asia 2013 held at Hilton KL.

Officially endorsed by the Ministry of Education Malaysia, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, and Multimedia Super Corridor Malaysia, the inaugural Digital Education Show Asia is the leading event that features the best in technology innovation for the education sector, examining how technology can be applied to broaden education's reach and increase learning impact. It’s about harnessing technology in new ways to make learning more productive and interesting.

More than 20 technology vendors and 15 educators participated and conducted seminars and conferences on issues relating to the use of technology in the classroom, including serious games in e-learning, use of interactive smartboards, creating a virtual learning environment etc.

Free seminars were made available for walk in customers, with speakers from all around the world, sharing their knowledge and experience on issues relating to the use of technology in the classroom. We found most of the seminars interesting and through the speakers, we were able to see e-learning from different angles and perspectives, and learn the trends and happenings in the other parts of the globe.

Michelle Cheak, our Head of Instructional Design, also has the opportunity to speak in one of the seminar slots held during the event. Her topic was entitled 'Back to Basics: Instructional Design still RULE!' She emphasised that instructional design always comes first before the content, as learning happens not with the content but with how the content is conveyed.

Many people showed interests and approached us to inquire on our products and services. Amongst these people were lecturers, teachers, eLearning activists, business owners etc.

In Malaysia, there is an increasing awareness and focus on effective education technologies. We can see vast potential in our Malaysian education system as it is still gradually getting exposed to more information and technologies, extending the possibilities of our education development. We are excited to know what more we can do and see what’s coming up next in the eLearning industry.

YB Datuk Dr Khair bin Mohamad Yusof, Deputy Director-General (Professionalism) of Ministry of Education, Malaysia, spoke about Empowering young students with IT-enabled learning at the inaugural Digital Education Show Asia. We are honoured to have him dropped by our booth to speak to with us for some feedback and comments during the exhibition.

In addition, our lucky draw game with SNAPs up for grabs proved to be a crowd-pleaser. By the morning of the 2nd day, we have given out all our gifts! This shows the amount of interest in using new tools/technologies in creating learning content which is an encouraging sign for the road ahead.

The event came to a successful close on 28 May and we hope all our visitors bring back new and innovative solutions for their learning needs.