eLC Services Sdn Bhd

eLC Holdings Christmas Celebrations 2013

On the 20th December 2013, all the members of eLC family had gathered in eLC's office to celebrate Christmas. Our colleagues from Malaysia are also joining us in this celebration for the first time.

Once everyone has arrived, we gathered in the chill out room, where underneath our good old Christmas tree, laid a wide expanse of beautifully wrapped presents for us. Prior to the celebration, we had constant reminders from our 'Secret Santa' to wish for what we want. We had a long wish list written on post-it pads, stationed next to the Christmas tree. Some wished for computer gadgets, some go for phone accessories, and some even go for food! It certainly motivated everyone in eLC to look forward to Christmas this year!

Many staff got their desired gifts from their Secret Santas through the hands of our CEO Mr. William Chua & COO Mr. Ryan Foo.

We also took this chance to celebrate the birthdays of those born in November and December. One of our staff even baked a huge cheese cake specially for the occasion.

Then comes the sumptuous buffet lunch, with delicious dishes and desserts. Within minutes, the spread were all finished. To top it off, we all were given half day to continue the festive celebrations at home, courtesy of our boss. What a Merry Christmas!