eLC Services Sdn Bhd

eLCS Lunar New Year Celebratory Dinner

On 24th February, Boss along with our HAF colleagues flew all the way from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to have a pleasant Lunar New Year celebratory dinner with eLCS staff. The Lunar New Year Dinner was held at Kayu Manis Seafood Restaurant in Cyberjaya where it serves authentic Chinese Muslim cuisine. Before everyone reaches the restaurant, a few of our colleague went to get "Yee Sang" as the restaurant didn't have it. Yee Sang is the traditional starter dish for a Lunar New Year Dinner so we can't miss it!

Once everyone has arrived, we gathered in a big round table of 11. Traditionally, we'll start off the "Loy Hey" (means move upwards) wishing for abundant luck and happiness for all and tossing the Yee Sang as high as possible. Many more rounds of wishing for good fortune later coupled with high-spirited "Loy Heys", our sumptuous 8 course meal, including lots of seafood, was briskly served.

"There were steamed fish, prawns, squid, crabs and many more! It was good food, great company, and a fantastic time!" quipped Jen Li, eLCS.

Thanks to Boss, everyone had a delightful dinner. eLCS would like to wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year!